25 thoughts on “Trophy Catfish Fishing on the Mississippi River

  1. 2066241

    where u guys using smelt for bait im 13 and live a bout three blocks from the missouri river in cb iowa and have caught 7o to90 lb flats like 10 feet from shore

  2. XxJA5M1N3xX

    i got to say that is a big fish but ill give you 25-35 lbs . i have seen cat fish as big at my 5 ft tall sister ! it was lke 90-100 lbs !
    Have you ever fished at Cheatham Dam?

  3. greendayrocks23able

    dont you mean chatham dam
    i am not makeing any videos yet for the fishing catagory but the problem is is that its the only catagory that i will make videos for


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