Tristate Outdoors – Ohio River Blue Catfish

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Tristate Outdoors takes you on a mid-summer blue cat fishing trip on the Ohio River with Captain Paul Willett of Camo Fish Guide Service. We fished the tail waters of Newburgh Lock and Dam. Caught many blue cats, a couple channel cats and a striped bass. Visit for more information about Capt Paul and his Ohio River charter fishing guide service.

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25 thoughts on “Tristate Outdoors – Ohio River Blue Catfish

  1. tristateoutdoors

    Newburgh Dam, about 13 miles upstream from Evansville, Indiana. The next dam up is at Cannelton, IN. The Cannelton Dam is where the IN and KY state record blue catfish was caught.

  2. 2066241

    @KeenerCA Not trying to start any thing…But whay that way if your going for bigger ones??…Bullheads dont get as big as channels…

  3. keith45153

    Can you fit two more in the boat? Interested in a guide for myself and my dad. We are local to the area. Contact me if interested.

  4. keith45153

    I replied to your website……asked for a guided trip and have had no response. You can certainly catch em, but, as a guide its been 30 days and you have been non-responsive? The show is good but in my opinion you are “not” open for business! If you have missed the boat or I, I would love a guided trip in the next 60 days?

  5. catfisindylan

    hi excellent video , i was amazed how quickly you guys caught those nice cats!!!! Infact i’m planin on headin up there in a year or so , spend about 2 weeks up there fishing for cats and I wanted to know where you guys luanched from on the river thanks!!!!

  6. catfisindylan

    Hi!! Excellent video!!! After seeing this video and other’s , its really got me pumped into visting the Ohio river in the next year or so , the catfishing is incredible!!!!!!
    I wanted to know where you guy’s luanched from to get to yhe Newburgh Dam , thanks!!!!!

  7. tattoocozzi420

    what ramp did yall use we go out on the ohio all the time gota of fish but always looking for more nice fish so let me no the ramp thanks


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