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Robert asks… Tips for moving across the country with a cat? I will be moving from SC to NV in a couple weeks and I am taking my 5 year old cat with me. I have already bought her a kennel and food for the trip. I originally planned to drive to NV with her

Robert asks…

Tips for moving across the country with a cat?

I will be moving from SC to NV in a couple weeks and I am taking my 5 year old cat with me. I have already bought her a kennel and food for the trip. I originally planned to drive to NV with her in the backseat; however, I now have to ride in the moving van. It is a 3 day drive, and we will not be stopping at night so that we can get there as quickly as possible. Because of this, I will be forced to keep her in the kennel for most of the drive. I plan to get some sedatives and Rescue Remedy for her, but I am still unsure about how to work out her litterbox. I know that cats won’t just hop out the car and go potty like dogs will at rest stops. I am unsure about her food and water situation – should I feed and water her every couple of hours or only twice a day. The kennel I bought for her is a small kennel – it isn’t all that big because it will have to sit on the seat between myself and the driver. Does anyone have any advice, preferably people who have actually travelled with a cat?

catfishexpert answers:

I have traveled across country with cats that my family had at different times when I was younger. The real problem you have is that you aren’t traveling in a car but instead, you are in the front of a moving truck with a driver. So you are going to be basically out of space. When we traveled, it sounds gross I know, but we had to put the litter pan in the back end of the station wagon and hope that it wasn’t too stinky and clean it out and toss it out the window ASAP. I don’t think you are going to have room to take your cat with you. Pets get stressed out, angry, freaked out when traveling. Honestly, if it were me, I would check into shipping your cat on an airline. I believe that southwest, continental and I’m not sure who else ships pets for a fee. It sounds scary, but that is what I would do. I just don’t think you’re going to have the room. Trust me, I’ve moved cross country MANY times. Good luck in your new home 🙂

John asks…

Any tips on moving with a kitten for the first time?

I’m moving in less than two weeks, and I have a kitten and this will be her first move, and she’ll be moved without two of her playmates, any suggestions on keeping her calm, and helping her adjust to her new surroundings.
I see no need to put her in a kennal, I’m moving away from my parents house so she can stay there until we are prepared for her.
She is about 4 months old, I’m not sure exactly, she adapts pretty well, I rescued her from being outside and abandoned at 3wks old.
Give her pills? But she hasn’t been a problem yet?

catfishexpert answers:

Hi again Rissa…if you are not moving too far, the best solution is to leave her at your parents until you have moved everything and unpacked most of your belongings. You want to minimize the stress of futzing about. After you’ve settled in, place her into a small room (e.g. Bathroom) with her bedding, litterboxes, food and water dishes. Visit her frequently and play with her so they know you haven’t abandoned her into this strange new home. This will help her become acquainted with all the unusually new scents in your new place and have the security of something familiar–you and her personal belongings as well. After 24 hours, just crack open the door and she will come out to investigate when she feels comfortable. Anytime she becomes uncomfortable she then can return to the small room and venture out when she is feeling more secure again. It may take up to a few days or a couple weeks. Have patience as she will adjust quickly since she is young.

David asks…

Does anyone have any tips on moving to London?

I’m seventeen atm, planning on moving to London next year to go to the royal college of music (I’m in Northern Ireland at the moment) but I’ve only been to London at couple of times before and have no ideas about accomodation, transport etc. I’d find it really helpful if someone shared their experience about their move to London, thanks 🙂

catfishexpert answers:

I relocated to the London area last year from America. It is an adjustment, no matter where you are from, or how old. As for accommodation, I don’t much like Gumtree, but I had success with Don’t rent anything unless you view it in person. You may also want to check with the College, sometimes they have special websites for enrolled students that offer affordable housing arrangements. Also, some of the hostels offer very affordable rooms that are secure and clean and can be rented long-term. My friend just moved out of one in the Notting Hill area (very nice) and she was there for many months and says it was ok.
Definitely get an oyster card (and then register it online so you can cancel it and get the money put on a new card if it gets lost). Public transport is easy and efficient–no worries there. Socialize with people as much as you can, you will probably make friends quickly…and have fun!

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