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Lisa asks… What is the best fishing rod and reel for catfish? I am confused on what to buy…I don’t want to make the mistake of buying like a fly fishing rod/reel. Also, what is the best reel…spinning, etc. ?? catfishexpert answers: Catfishing is about the only type of fishing I do except when fishing

Lisa asks…

What is the best fishing rod and reel for catfish?

I am confused on what to buy…I don’t want to make the mistake of buying like a fly fishing rod/reel. Also, what is the best reel…spinning, etc. ??

catfishexpert answers:

Catfishing is about the only type of fishing I do except when fishing for cut bait.
Over the years of trial and error, I found many good combinations, but the one I am most favored to is the Abu Garcia Ambassador Red 6600CB with bait alert (clicker). Very smooth reel that is durable and most reliable. Also, for a beginner it is a superb reel because the setting can be adjusted for minimal backlashing.
Rods, there is many like the Ugly Stick series, but my favorite is the Cabela’s Whuppin’ Stick! Again durable and reliable to handle the big hogs! I like the longer rods myself, but that is different with each person who goes out fishing.
For line I use the original braided 50# spiderwire and 2/0 circle Lazer Hooks by Eagleclaw.
Rigging depends on where your fishing, river, lake, ect…
Good luck and enjoy the change going to a casting set up. It’s a whole new world of fishing.

Daniel asks…

What would be a cost effective catfish fishing rod and reel combo?

I am starting out ,so the expensive stuff like the AG 6500 will have to wait till I get more experience. What time do the channel cats typically bite , the big ones of course

catfishexpert answers:

Ugly stik always works fine for me, whether on the river or lake. If you fish on a lake, dusk is your best bet, and night crawlers will do just fine. On a river, i would recommend chicken livers tied to a hook with fishing line, although depending on where you live and what spot’s you fish, you may end up with a lot of baby stripers as they also love chicken livers.

Robert asks…

Is the ugly stick catfish rod and reel any good?

catfishexpert answers:

Hey man, i have never used the “catfish reel” from shakespear but i can tell you that i have about 6 of their surf reels. Probably the same thing and i have had nothing but good things to say about all the reels. The shakespear ugly stick is a great great rod out on the market. You will probably get answers from people bashing on the ugly stick but those are the folks that believe that you have to spend a pile of money on a rod to get quality the whole time that i have been fishing, shakespear has been my rod of choice. For starters i kept buying the shakespear rods because of the price but as i got older and my fishing got more indepth i noticed that the quality is high and can handle about any thing. You just can not go wrong with shakespears gear. There are pilesof people out there that dont like shakespear and the main reason is because they think that good gear can not be bought at the local walmart but if you look at pretty much every thing that the walmart has the same thing is sold at the higher priced bait and tackle shops. Go ahead and get that reel and rod set up and have a blast. The only thing that i would suggest is that most of the time you buy a reel like that, catfish, surf, peir, other saltwater reels, they some prespooled with 20 lb mono. Line. The main fish that i go after is the catfish and with all my reels that i use for the big ol kitty kitty i use 20-40-and 60 lb spiderwire braided line. Most of the time the cats are in darker water and the brided line blends in with the water better and gives more strength to yank those monstors out from the muck that they can be hiding in. Man i hope this helps you out a bit good luck good fishin be safe and remember to share the experience

Mary asks…

Fishing rod, reel & line for Catfish..?

Im trying to put together a catfish fishing outfit (rod/reel/line).

The rod & reel will be used in the aqueducts, with cut bait & chicken liver, and are usually thrown with a 1 oz weight. I’ll probably use 12# line, on a Shimano Seinna 4000 reel; is this sufficient? What brand/type/weight of line is recommended?

As for the rod, I was thinking about a 7′, because I dont need to cast too far, and in a MH action, for the backbone. It also needs to be a 2 pc rod for ease of transport. Here is what Ive found so far:

-Cabela’s King Kat (CKKS702), 7′ MH, 12-25 line, $30
-Berkley Glowstik Catfish (GSS702M), 7′ M, 10-20 line, 1/2-3 lure, $40
-Shakespeare Wild Cat Catfish (WCATS70MH), 7′ MH, 12-25 line, 1/2-3 lure, $25
-Shakespeare Ugly Stik Catfish (UCSP110270), 7′ MH, 15-30 line, 3/8-3 lure, $30
-Shakespeare Ugly Stik Bigwater (BWS110070), 7′ M, 10-25 line, 1/2-3 lure, $50
-Shakespeare Ugly Stik Tiger (BWS2201-270), 7′ M, 10-50 line, 1/2-6 lure, $60

They all have pretty good reviews. I know I cant go wrong with a Shakespeare; the Wild Cat and Ugly Stik Catfish rods have a very attractive price. Im ordering from Cabela’s soon, so adding one of their King Kat rods is easy, but is it worth it (over the Shakespeares)? The Berkley Glowstik looks interesting; it lights up and glows in the dark. But how good is the rod?

Any, and all help/suggestions, are appreciated and welcomed. Thanks in advance.

catfishexpert answers:

Yeah a 4000-size reel and 12lb line sounds about efficient. I’d probably put 12lb Berkley Big Game on there, but a 40lb braid would work even better. I have the Berkley Glowstik and it’s a decent rod, has a ton of backbone but is heavy and I think it needs a bit larger reel to balance better. Not that you need a Catfish rod & reel to balance at all, but it just would feel awkward to hold a small reel (compared to the rod) on the Glowstik. I’ve handled the Ugly Stik Catfish rods and they would be your best bet. The Bigwater’s & Tiger’s are great but their sizes are more tuned toward very large fish. The Wild Cat would be an okay rod and the King Kat would be okay but the best for what you need would be the Ugly Stik Cat rod.

Nancy asks…

what would be a good catfish rod that is easy on my wallet?

i am looking for a dependable fishing rod and reel combo for cheap, preferable from bass pro.

catfishexpert answers:

Use an Ugly Stick… Period. Not only is it easy on the wallett, it is also very strong and flexible making it mad fun to reel in almost anything besides the occasional stump! Ugly Stick is the most bang for your buck.

Also, a good reel for wallet and performance is a Shakespere reel. Keep it out of the water and oiled up and it’ll take a beating. Good luck fishin

Paul asks…

what is a good catfish reel and rod for me?

I need a durable reel that can cast high test line far out there. I prefer an open bail reel for cat fishing and not a bait caster. I usually catch anywhere from 10lb-85lb cats. what is a good reel for me?

catfishexpert answers:

I would use an ugly stick. They are perfect for heavy cats and are very durable.

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