Questions And Answers About Catfish Bait Tips

Michael asks…

good catfish fishing tips?

any good tips? maybe bait home made bait? any thing?

catfishexpert answers:

You can try all the recipes you want, but I’ve always had the best luck with chicken livers. No mixing, no ingredients, just a plastic bowl of chicken livers from your local grocery store.

I mean no disrespect to the recipe/dough ball fishermen. This is just my opinion.

Robert asks…

Where can I find Fishing tips and ideas of what kind of bait to use ?

I am a first time fisherman most of the kind of things that i find on the net are for pro’s and i want info that is easy to use and helpful.
I love to catch catfish!!!

catfishexpert answers:

Well catfish prefer fresh baits like cut bluegill , shad , shiners, chubs, and suckers. Also chicken liver, and fresh shrimp work well. You can make it simple catfishing just use the bait I mentioned , a size 1 hook , a sliding weight about 1 foot above the hook. Cast it out and let it sit .

Catfish like deeper water in the day and come into the shallow water to feed at night. I prefer night fishing but day or morning fishing is good also

here is some more info that should be easy to understand

I cut bluegill or fish across their body in pieces about an inch wide like fish steak peices bigger chunks for bigger catfish . Use a fairly large hook size 1 or bigger depending on the size and type of catfish your after, for big cats I use up to a 4/0 size hook with a bigger chunk of bait or live bait.

For flathead catfish I recommend live bait such as live bluegill or shiners.

I fish for cats on the bottom most of the time but channel cats often hit cut bluegill using a bobber , I like to have the bait 3 to 4 feet under a bobber if I am fishing with one.

I use a bottom rig with about 2 feet of leader and them use a small styrafoam float about 5 inches from the hook. This way your bait is floated about 2 feet off the bottom it works excellent.

The leader length will vary depending on the bottom . If its grassy use a longer leader . If its a Mud bottom I like a 18 inch leader from swivel to the hook. Grassy bottom 2 feet or more. I put a small float about 5 inches from the hook . This floats the bait off the bottom and cats see it easily and grab it.

You need to use the proper size hooks and sinkers for the type and size of cats your fishing for. I use a 1 oz or larger sinker when fishing with live bluegills for the big cats. And a 1/2 oz sinker for cut bait ,for channels and blue catfish. Use as small of a float as possible . Just enough to keep bait off the bottom and visible to the cats. I like the styrofoam floats . They can be cut to just the right size.

Keep a tight line and good fishing
here is a rough drawing of my catfish rig

Charles asks…

whats a good bait to use for catfish?

me and my buddies will be fishin in a large lake and the weather conditions will be overcast and possible rain with a high temp. of 56 degrees. any good tips or advice??? thanks.

catfishexpert answers:

The best bait for channel catfish is a chunk of ole’ stinky liver. Either chicken or beef liver will do fine. What you need to do is leave the liver out in the sun with garlic or butter or both. After a few days you will smell the sound of the most perfect catfish bait. Cut it into chunks and slab it on your hook. Good luck fishin’!

William asks…

What is the best way to catch channel catfish in Maryland?

I fish in an area full of perch and i know of many people catching catfish nearby. Any tips on how I could catch them too? I’ve tried making bait but i only ended up catching a few skates.
Jay, thanks man, but i already tried dynamite. All I got was a whale…anybody else?

catfishexpert answers:

If the area is full of Perch, they probably feed heavily on them. I wouldn’t go out and catch a load of Perch to use until you know it’s legal. Some places allow it, and some don’t. If not, you could always go buy some baitfish to use if you have a bait store nearby. Again though, be sure it’s legal.

If that’s not an option, there’s a load of things Channel Cats will hit. I almost always use chicken liver or cut bait for them. Chicken liver normally catches a larger quantity of fish, but cut bait generally gets better quality fish in. Raw bacon, any kind of lunch meat, cheese, etc are normally good choices as well.

Be sure to cast near cover. A lot of people believe that Catfish are always in these deep and dark waters. Although that’s sometimes true, usually it’s not. Find cover or shade, and fish it. Catfish are a lot like Bass when it comes to where they hangout at. Do keep in mind they will be deep during the day this time of year though, like most fish. They will move shallower during the morning andeveningg hours.

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