Questions And Answers About Catfish Bait In Winter

Ken asks…

iam going fishing for catfish in the winter ..and what is good bait?

catfishexpert answers:

It depends on what kind you’re fishing for. Channels and Bullheads are a lot different than flatheads and blues. The channel and bullhead cats are the smaller ones, they like stinky baits. Dip-Baits, Doughball, Nightcrawlers & Chicken Liver works good. The blues & flatheads like whole, live-bait. Live bluegill, shad or other fish work the best.

Steven asks…

Bass/catfish fishing in the winter?

I love to fish and do it everyday at one of my family’s pond (we have five). I was wondering if i could bass fish or catfish in the winter when the water ISN’T FROZEN? I dont want to go out on the ice because it is never thick enough here in Ohio. If I can bass fish in the winter what jigs or bait should i use? Ass well for catfish? Any tips would be good. I know they will be in deeper water in the winter. One of our ponds is about 6 or 7 maybe 8 acres big and half of it is COVERED in lillypads. WOuld a topwater frog be good bait?

catfishexpert answers:

Yes weedless silver spoons with pork rind strips and weedless frogs or weedless deer hair poppers with fly rod, or heavy jigs with frog pork rind. I have caught bass in 12 inch deep water in 30 degree weather, fish eat year round.

Mark asks…

catching catfish during winter months?

I usually stop fishing for cats after october and focus on hunting but i wanna start fishing for them during the winter and i dont know much about winter fishing at all. Soo where do they lay mainly in rivers and whats the best bait to use during this time of year. Bass tips if u gottem for same reason.

catfishexpert answers:

L can tell you about yesterday here in socal.
We’ve finally been getting good rain so l went to lake casitas for some catfishing where santa ana creek comes running in.
A real good muddy flow. Too thin to plow, too muddy to drink.
Found a hole just out of the main current. Just below a point where another creek converged.
Cats were eating well. L only got one strike though. That turned into a 6+lb cat.
L was REALLY surprised they weren’t biting better but the way the gut was packed on mine they probably just weren’t hungry. Stomach was filled with earthworms, a crawdad and the big chunk of mackerel l was using as bait.
with the catfish bite not being what l expected, about 2:00 l wandered down to the launching ramp.
Had a bass rod in the car rigged with a cinnamon “fat ika” from the previous trip and decided to use it a bit while still soaking mackerel for cats.
Out of a total of 6 strikes in a 1 or 1 1/2 hour period, l landed 3 bass from only 5 or 6 feet of water, breaking off my “ika” on the fourth bass (6th strike) and ending my bass fishing for the day. The three came to 11 1/2lb with the largest being 5lb 4oz.
Cats still weren’t feeding so l went home.
L love fishing in the rain.
In muddy water for cats or slightly off color water for bass.
This is my winter. About 50 or 60 degrees.

L’m sure my answer is in there somewhere.

Donald asks…

winter blue cat fishing on rivers below dams?

i fish below a dam on the NC/SC border. i catch a lot of blues, channels, and flatheads during the spring, summer, and fall, but i dont have any luck in the winter. I use bluegill and shad for bait during the summer, and i catch mostly blue catfish. I know you can catch big ones in the winter, and ive seen big ones caught there, but ive never caught one. Can someone tell me how to catch a big blue cat from the bank beside a dam?

catfishexpert answers:

If you can get a boat, fish the deepest hole as close as you can safely get to the dam. Cats pile up in these areas in the winter. Otherwise, fish as close to the dam as you can in the deepest water you can access safely. Use whole or cut shad or river herring. Big bait and big hook. Big saltwater outfit. Use one of King’s 8/0 circle hooks. Seriously.
You don’t jerk to set the hook with these. Just start reeling in.

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