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Charles asks…

When to start fishing again after winter?

I am really pumped to start fishing again, but I live in CT. and don’t ice fish. I have never started fishing before the middle of the summer and I was wondering when I would be able to start fishing and still catch lots of fish? Generally i fish for bass, trout, sunfish, sometimes catfish in small ponds if that helps.

catfishexpert answers:

As soon as you can find a hole in the ice or a spot on a river or stream – trout !!! They’ll be hungry too!! The other fish may be very hard to catch until the water warms up. Trout are cold water fish…pike/pickerel will bite anytime!!
I fish all year for trout in streams & rivers….in W. Mass.

Daniel asks…

good fall to winter fishing in Virginia?

just bought me a nice john boat wanting to use it some cause ya know i just got it lol what tips can i use to catch some nice cool water catfish or some nice citation crappie any good tips would be appreciative o yea i also live in Virginia if you could include some good lakes or places to catch some of these nice fish

catfishexpert answers:

I used to fish Virginia pretty heavy for bass. The idea for fall fishing was to catch the lakes as they were “turning over”. I.e. Cold water sinks and the warmer water rises to be cooled off and sink. It was usually a 1 – 2 week period depending on the depth of the lake, wind conditions, and temperature. Fall fishing was my favorite there. Catfish are just about anywhere but the bigger rivers in North Carolina were not too far away. I wouldn’t be waiting for answers here. I’d have already gone.

John asks…

Fishing spots or clubs in Maryland, Locations.?

Hello fishermen my name is Michael, I current live in Maryland, and I’m trying to find good places to go to catch trouts, catfish or other in Maryland, Virginia, DC “DMV”. I used to follow the trout stoking program from DNR. But its winter and the program do not start till march. Im paying for magazines and equipments that I am not using. Any suggestions
Many thanks,

catfishexpert answers:

Trout:gunpowder falls state park
the best trout fishing in md
catfish:fort washington on the potomac

Donald asks…

Any tips for ice fishing?

I have always been told that fish don’t bite in the winter, but even as a kid, I believed that fish still eat when it is cold. I’ve learned of ice-fishing and I am now curious as to what species of fish bite when it is bitter cold. I have an acre pond in my field that we stocked 4 years ago with bluegill, catfish and bass. I am just curious. Before I spend the time, are these type of fish normally caught while ice-fishing?

catfishexpert answers:

Yes you can catch all of them through the ice, I do it every winter. Get some 1/64th or 1/32nd oz. Ice fishing jigs tipped with a beemoth about a foot off the bottom . Move around and check different depths until you find them. You will catch mostly bluegill, but bass and catfish are not out of the question. Some days are better than others, but thats why it is called fishing not catching.BE SAFE Make sure the ice is thick enough. Hope you catch a bunch!

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