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Steven asks…

What is this song that i came across on my guitar its driving me crazy?

When playing on b-string 0h2 b-string 0h3 it sounds really familar but just can’t figure it out
When playing on b-string 0h2, 2 b-string 0h3, 3 it sounds really familar but just can’t figure it out. If you have an acoustic guitar try it out see for yourself play it sort of slow

catfishexpert answers:

Smelly cat

Donald asks…

How do you do a hammer on on an open string?

g|—— 0————-I

looks like this.
please and thank you!

catfishexpert answers:

Hit the open string, hammer on the second fret.
Pretty Basic.

Thomas asks…

In Guitar tabulation format, what does it mean when the tabs are written like this?

i can read normal tabs like this :

what does the p and the h mean when written like this?

catfishexpert answers:

P = Pull Off
H= Hammer On.
Pretty easy just search it on Youtube.

David asks…

What is the strongest acid and why?

H3C-0H2+ (partial positive charge)

catfishexpert answers:

H3C-OH2 is the only acid.
H3C-NH2 (methyl amine) is a base.

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