Catfish fishing Trip Videos in MT, Roundup Montana

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My two friends and I went Catfish Fishing at Roundup Montana and fished on the Musselshell River in early June of 2010. The Musselshell River is a tributary of the Missouri River. We caught about fifteen nice Big Channel Catfish. MT Our Bait of choice was Shrimp, but we also used night crawlers Minnow and liver We set our tents as soon as we got there and put our lines out. The Catfish started to bite right away. We had a pretty good time during those four days. Next season we are going closer to Fort Peck Lake. Some day I would like to try catfish noodling for a flathead or hand grabbin as they call it now.

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2 thoughts on “Catfish fishing Trip Videos in MT, Roundup Montana

  1. dvdzuev1

    dude post more of these…… wicked sick. this is probably the best video ever. learned so much. i live in canada. bass fishing is great….. i cant wait.


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