Catfish Fishing – Secrets, Tricks, and Tips to Catching Big Catfish – Part 2!

FREE 10 Catfishing Mini-Course Hello again, A few weeks ago we released part 1 to this video, on some secrets, tricks, and tips to catching big catfish. There were so many tips and catfish catching action that we had to break it up into two parts. Here in this second part of how to catch big catfish, Ivo gives a very important tip which can make you get more hooksets, as well as land some big catfish! Let us know the biggest catfish you’ve caught! http

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25 thoughts on “Catfish Fishing – Secrets, Tricks, and Tips to Catching Big Catfish – Part 2!

  1. thundermistlures

    @tr0mpwned They are closely resembled. The anal fin of the blue catfish is longer and has a fairly straight profile as compared to the channel which is slightly rounded. Also, the blue catfish’s color is actually a shade of blue whereas the channel can be greyish or even slightly yellowish. The blue will grow much larger than the channel as well. Thanks!

  2. tr0mpwned

    are channel catfish much different than blue catfish? also how can i tell the difference between the looks of them?

  3. thundermistlures

    @SuperPensfan8771 Glad you are enjoying our videos and thanks for tuning in! Congrats on catching your second largest catfish – hope you catch plenty more 🙂

  4. SuperPensfan8771

    thunder mist lures is by far the best for catfishing tips. this is where i get my info before i go fishing for catfish. and i caught of my second biggest fish using their tips

  5. thundermistlures

    @Riiinsy We are very happy that you are enjoying our videos and thank you for the kind words – until next time good luck and good fishing!

  6. Riiinsy

    i love this guy, hes always so pleasant and informative. keep the uploads commin ive been learning a lot about catfishing from your videos. thanks!

  7. thundermistlures

    @ttpetiyyy We like to use from 12-15 lb mono. We also like to use a 3-way set-up; 12 inches of sinker line, 3 feet of leader with the hook. Thanks!

  8. ttpetiyyy

    What line were you using for catching these channel cats? And for catching them should I always drop a longer line to the hook than to the sinker? Thanks for the tips. 🙂

  9. thundermistlures

    @illusionistpg13 the suckers came from the canal water, at the town of Allenberg, Ontario, right at highway 20.

    Thanks for writing in and good luck on the water.

  10. thundermistlures

    @MrPokemonfan231 The polomar knot is a very good knot to use. Thanks for writing in and good luck on the water!

  11. thundermistlures

    @MrDaymo Using fresh cut bait in NJ will work equally as well as it did up here. Catfish love fresh cut bait!

    Thanks for taking time to write and until next time, good luck and good fishing!

  12. thundermistlures

    @waynedale51 Great observation! Either the fish was too big, or that landing net is getting old 🙂

    Thanks for tuning in and good luck on the water!

  13. thundermistlures

    @JohnBoyMain Try using any kind of fresh cut bait, such as cut sucker or cut fillet of sunfish – you should do great!

  14. JohnBoyMain

    @thundermistlures Alright, where I am from we use worms/crickets/and chicken liver to fish( Most people do)..I want to up my bait. What do you think I should use? I

  15. thundermistlures

    @xGh0stzZHD The channels are the same. Color will vary according to water conditions & clarity. Thanks for writing us & good fishing!


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